How it works

How Biofeed's food waste management system works.

Biofeed is an easy-to-use system that allows businesses to manage food waste in a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and reliable manner.

With Biofeed you can streamline your food waste management process by keeping track of how much food is being wasted and why it’s being wasted. You can also see where it’s going so that you can make adjustments for the future.

Biofeed will help your business save money by reducing your food waste and getting rid of it in an environmentally friendly way. 

Step 1

First, the food waste is collected on-site and separated by staff. This separation includes removing contaminants such as cutlery, plastic, shells, or husks to ensure the efficiency of the machine.

Step 2

Once collected, food waste is moved from the kitchen to the Biofeed machine in a convenient location.

Step 3

Biofeed works by mixing food waste with water, reducing the volume of waste, and producing a semi-solid liquid which is then pumped out to a separation tank.

Step 4

An automated email is sent to the waste service provider when the holding tank is almost full, and they will then pick up the waste and pump it from the holding tank into their collection vehicle. Usually, holding tanks are cleaned every one to two weeks.

Step 5

The organic material can then be put to another use. It can be utilised as a feedstock for composting, or to produce Biogas for the production of renewable energy.

Step 6

The food waste was successfully kept out of the landfill and reused in a sustainable way. Your company can cut operating costs and its carbon footprint with the push of a button.

Biofeed is a big step toward making food recycling an everyday reality.

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