What is it?

What is Biofeed and why it is the best way to recycle organic food waste?

The commercial food waste management system you should know about.

Biofeed is a sustainable, safe, and dependable system that eliminates food waste. It minimises the volume of food waste retained on-site, lowers the cost of disposal and improves business efficiency while offering long-term environmental advantages.

The waste problem is a big one. Australians generate 3.1 million tonnes of wasted food each year via primary production, processing, and manufacturing, over-purchasing, and damage during distribution. Biofeed can reduce the waste in your commercial kitchen and help lower this statistic.

Did you know food waste in Australia costs the economy $20 billion a year? This includes edible and inedible food. Biofeed diverts this potential waste from landfills and creates new organic matter.

You can reduce your carbon emissions by up to 85%, cut down on landfill waste by 50%, and create valuable downstream resources suitable for composting a Biogas generation for use in renewable energy.

Biofeed is an environmentally and socially responsible solution for organic waste that provides the end user with significant cost reduction opportunities. Biofeed allows its users to generate triple bottom line outcomes - People, Planet, Profit!

Apollo Engineering, a company known for its machinery performance and innovation, manufactures Biofeed in remote NSW.

Biofeed is designed to last.

Apollo Engineering, with over 20 years of manufacturing expertise, has joined forces with Biofeed. Apollo has been in business since 1998 and has sophisticated precision engineering and fabrication workshops in Tamworth, NSW, with clients including BHP, Westrac, Emeco, Hastings Deering, Hitachi, Komatsu, Rio Tinto, and others.

In terms of automated industrial cleaning equipment, Apollo Engineering leads the market. Apollo and Biofeed are at the forefront of innovation, delivering excellent machinery and service by collaborating closely with waste management firms in the design and construction of their equipment.

Biofeed proudly serves the waste management industry, with a product that is both an Australian-made, independent product and a proud member of the Apollo Engineering family.

With more than 20 years of experience providing service and support for Biofeed's products, an experienced team of technicians is available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about our equipment.

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