How does this advanced eco-friendly organic waste system benefit your company and the environment?

Biofeed is high-end technology at the disposal of small, medium, and large businesses bringing your business efficiency to a whole new level. Biofeed works by reducing the volume of food waste – with no chemicals,  unpleasant odours and reduced costs.

Cost Savings

By diverting your waste stream from landfill and using Biofeed to process the waste into a liquid form, you will see a significant reduction in disposal costs while closing the loop on the waste stream. 


Through a circular economy, the Biofeed system helps to reduce greenhouse gases and the subsequent impact on the environment. End users reduce their carbon footprint by converting their food waste into an economic resource which is able to be used in downstream processes such as bio-digestion, and composting. Biofeed helps the environment by lowering the amount of food waste that needs to be transported and lowering the amount of grease and oil that ends up in sewage systems.

With 2.2 million tonnes of food wasted annually and high landfill costs, the commercial and industrial sectors are the biggest food wasters in the nation. Through Biofeed, it is simple to regenerate this waste into green products.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Food waste is predicted to generate 7.6 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent throughout the course of its degradation in landfills. Biofeed aids the environment by keeping waste active in the circular economy by using it as compost and feedstock for Bio-digestion which contributes to clean energy generation.


Reducing your environmental impact does not have to reduce your organisation’s production; in fact, Biofeed delivers a variety of benefits to your operation’s continued efficiency.

Space Saving

Biofeed’s waste reduction solution replaces several, unsanitary skip bins with a sealed machine and holding tank system.

Vermin Control

Having fewer bins and solid waste in your kitchen and food waste rooms decreases the risk of pests such as mice, who are drawn to garbage sites, as well as stench.

Employee Safety

Biofeed eliminates the need to load heavy rubbish bags into skip bins. Reduce the risk of injury from manual handling of heavy bins and bags of food waste by storing the food waste in conveniently sized caddies and disposing of the waste in smaller batches. For businesses with larger disposal requirements, the integrated bin lifter system eliminates the need for any heavy lifting! 

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