Food Waste Management Technology

The Biofeed Separator is an innovative, scalable and proven food waste management technology that sustainably closes the loop on all types of food waste.

The self-contained, organic food waste management unit is designed to convert solid food waste into a liquid using Biofeed’s patented maceration and separation process. This process is virtually odour-free, and the excess liquid is safely disposed of through existing public wastewater treatment systems. The residual material containing its original calorific value is then repurposed into numerous environmentally and financially beneficial alternatives.

The technology is simple and scalable and can help to contribute to the user meeting triple bottom line commitments — profit, people and planet.

Benefits of the system include:

  • contributes to meeting triple bottom line requirements;
  • data capture option accessible through the cloud-based client portal;
  • robust, scalable, low-maintenance technology;
  • eliminates odour issues;
  • compact size allows for easy installation in most areas and frees up valuable space;
  • and 100% Australian made and owned.

From Sustainability Matters Aug/Sep 2022 Published on Aug 14, 2022

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