Biofeed is an independent Australian-made product proudly servicing the Australian waste management industry. Backed by the knowledge and expertise of Apollo Engineering, an experienced team of technicians are available to provide service and support.

Biofeed is a safe, reliable, secure system that closes the loop on food waste. Biofeed reduces the volume of waste stored on-site and lowers the cost of disposal of food waste, while providing long-term benefits to the environment.

Biofeed provides effective food waste management solutions for hospitality, defence and commercial food suppliers.

The Biofeed is a simple solution to processing food waste, sustainably.

Biofeed is manufactured by Apollo Engineering, an Australian-owned company located in Tamworth NSW.

Manufactured in Australia by Apollo Engineering

Biofeed is manufactured in regional NSW by Apollo Engineering who are renowned for machinery performance and innovation. Apollo has an advanced precision engineering and fabrication workshop located in Tamworth NSW, providing simple solutions to complex problems for a number of high-profile clients.

Apollo Engineering

With a razor sharp focus on efficiency through innovation, automation and training, Apollo Engineering are invested in the future of sustainable manufacturing in Australia. Apollo's high-volume production workshop is highly automated through the use of collaborative robotics, and includes CNC machining, CNC Folding and the latest in laser cutting technology.

Apollo's capabilities are matched by the company's drive and focus, and are fundamental to their mission – to provide simple, Australian manufactured solutions to complex problems. Committed to sustainability, Apollo has invested heavily in reducing our carbon footprint by installing a 99Kw solar power system to supplement their workshop electricity requirements. You can discover more about Apollo Engineering on their website.

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