100% Australian Made Food Waste Solution

Closing the loop on Food Waste

The commercial food waste management system your business should know about.

100% Australian Made Food Waste Solution

Your Business’ Solution to Food Waste in Australia

Biofeed is high-end technology at the disposal of small, medium, and large businesses, which turns your food waste into a usable alternative product suitable for compost, biodigestion, soil injection and more. Bringing your business efficiency to a whole new level by saving money on waste disposal.

100% Australian made solution

Closing the loop on Food Waste

We exist to help you reduce food waste and cut emissions to create a better tomorrow.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Cut your carbon footprint while improving your business efficiency.

Space Saving

Replacing multiple, unhygienic skip bins with a sealed machine and holding tank system.

Employee Safety

Reduce the risk of manual handling injuries by disposing of food waste in small batches.

Food Waste Reduction

Reduce the volume of food waste your business contributes to landfill.

Cost Saving

Reduce your current cost of disposal of food waste by over 50%.

Vermin Control

Less bins and solid waste reduce the risk of pests.

Easy to Use

Biofeed is operated at the touch of a button. On site training and easy to follow video manuals mean your employees are supported.

Easy to Clean

With its own wash down hose the Biofeed is easy to clean at day end for all employees.

Cloud Technology

Reduce business risks & unlock innovation with our cloud solution giving your business control and understanding.

Holding Tank Capacity

With two sizes of holding tank the Biofeed is perfect for large and small sized businesses.

Closing the Loop

For businesses and organisations, the cost of food waste is not just measured in dollars and cents but also in the impact it has on the environment.


Automated analytics reports provide you with upto date data and your machines personal processing metrics.

Accessories and Add-Ons

Separation and Storage Tanks

We exist to help you reduce food waste, lower your cost of disposal and cut emissions to create a better tomorrow.

Biofeed is 100% AUSSIE

Australian Made & Owned

Backed by the knowledge and expertise of Apollo Engineering, an experienced team of technicians are available to provide service and support.
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